James Robert Myers, also known by the Pseudonym ‘MJ Jimmy’ is one of Ghana’s youngest and promising poets. He is a lover of art, an avid blogger by passion and a volunteer of many societal-based movements in his country.

The poet is compared to great giants like Pablo Neruda and William Shakespeare due to the maturity he demonstrates as his poetry resonates with many people from all walk of life. Whilst poetry has little appreciation amongst the citizenry of his homeland (Ghana), his is rather motivated to hone his craft by day, share his works to ensure literature beckons the admiration of all and sundry, not only locally but internationally.

In 2008 around the age 14, James was infected by large doses of poetry and was aired for the first time on Citi 97.3fm on 10-10-10, a divine date he calls that. A moment nature gave birth to another legend. The budding poet has so far been published in 3 global anthologies; Little Petals in The Wind, Breaking Silence and Beautiful Africa and Tales from Ananse. He is the editor and co-author of Breaking Silence and has offered editing assistance to renowned poets and writers, of which Bernard Kelvin Clive is an example.

On June 4, 2010, James was part of the finalists and placed 10th in Enslavement Prevention Alliance West Africa (E.P.A.W.A)’s contest organized to combat human trafficking. He was the maiden winner of Micro-poetry organized by Radio Universe; a University of Ghana campus radio in 2011.
He is a nominee of Ghana Youth Awards 2012 (in the category of Culture, Music and Arts) which is yet to be held.

Associations the poet is affiliated to include the following; Poetry Foundation Ghana, People of Equal Thoughts and Spirit, Academy of Young Writers-Ghana, Writers Project of Ghana and Ghana Bloggers Association.
In addition to writing, he has also led societal-based campaigns like Share-Your-Lunch, Pass-on-book, Price for Pollution organized by Team Make It Happen and Ghana Youth Environmental Movement.

In the future he aspires to gaining international recognition and winning a Nobel Prize.

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Jereme Barber-Asante said...

Awsome MJ your bio is inspiring. Keep up the good work!